I spent today doing some maintenance on my photography - making sure I have all of my images copied off of the memory cards onto the computer & batch renaming by Camera Type & Sequence Number ... so that IMGP5432 from the K-2 becomes K3-05432

Part of the reason for this is the default for Pentax Raw files is "IMGP"nnnn and a couple of my cameras have rolled over past 9999 and the K-1 numbering was reset when I had to send it in for repair after I fell & yanked the screen off the back.

So it's K10D-1nnnn, K20D-0nnnn, K-3-0nnnn & K-1-1nnnn ... I pretty much kept up with it WHILE I was downloading images from the camera up until Covid (when I got lazy and sometimes wouldn't download the images for months after I took them)

ANYWAY - The K-3 has been giving me fits downloading images today. Adobe Bridge "get media" seems to fail after pulling down about 8 images. I'm having the same problem directly copying from the card to the computer - 8 images & an error.

When the error comes Windoze says the DCIM folder is empty & can't even see the card to eject it. If I just pull the card reader out & plug it in again the sub-folders are still there in DCIM and I can go into the sub-folder and copy images manually ... but if I select more than 8 at a time it's going to have the same error copying.

If I just select 8 images they seem to copy fine and then I can select 8 more and they'll copy, but rarely works for a third batch of 8. Repeat remove & reinsert & select the next 8 ...

I only had the problem with the K-3 cards - 2-32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC and 1-32GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC.

I'm pretty sure I only lost a single image to corruption. Sucks, but at least it's not worse. I copied all the images over to my file server.

I don't know if it's the camera, the cards, the card reader or the computer. I hope it's not the computer because it's Windows 7 & Photoshop CS6 Extended (which I don't think will run on Windoze 10 & Windoze 10 definitely would not install on this computer (I shall not repeat my previous rant about the attempt to install Windows 10 ...)

I'll shut the Photoshop computer down tomorrow, open it up & give it a good cleaning inside & see where we go from here.

Vivere in aeternum aut mori conatur

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