I have a question regarding recursor LUA scripting. I would like to block AAAA 
replies for hosts that also have A records. Is that possible with current LUA 

My idea was to write a postresolve hook that would check if `dq.qtype == 
pdns.AAAA` and the perform an A lookup. If A lookup is successful, it would 
remove `AAAA` answer and add the `A` answer. I could not find a way though to 
trigger an additional lookup. I also found no way to trigger more lookups with 
`preresolve`. Do you guys have any hints?

My goal is to successfully resolve AAAA only for hosts that are IPv6 only and 
serve A only to dual-stack hosts.

Thanks in advance!



Radoslaw Kamil Ejsmont, Ph.D.
http://radoslaw.ejsmont.net <http://radoslaw.ejsmont.net/>
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