On 2018-04-16 10:55, MRob wrote:
On 2018-04-16 10:09, Remi Gacogne wrote:
On 04/16/2018 12:03 PM, MRob wrote:
According to this, you *should* be able to load a million domains into
LUA without problem. 

That's the same method this person said crashed recursor with much less
Are there other people who have experience?

It shouldn't crash the recursor and if you can reproduce the crash and
share the reproduction method I would be happy to look into it.

ok maybe I will try it but can any people comment is there pros or
cons to implementing a block list using Policy Zones instead comparing
to loading the file direct into a big list?

I have policy zone based blocklisting working but only with a few test
domains in zone file

I tested with over 500.000 domain list using both methods. RPZ pauses at startup while loading the zone, using Lua domain list pauses when first query comes and the server forks its workers. RPZ pause feels a couple seconds slower, but not scientific measurement.

Only RPZ gave this error:
Unable to load RPZ zone from '.....rpz': name too long
I had to comment out long domain lines. Can someone indicate what the maximum domain name length should be?

After startup, responsiveness seems normal using both methods but it's just one person test visiting a few different sites so I can't give solid data. Are there another reasons to consider why or why not to use RPZ vs. loading domain list direct in Lua?
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