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> > Subject: What are the differences between PowerDNS Authoritative
> > Server and Recursor?
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> > Good day from Singapore,
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> > May I know what are the differences between PowerDNS Authoritative
> > Server and Recursor?
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> > I have the same question
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> An authoritative server holds the DNS records and for a given domain and
> a recursor (aka caching) server requests these on behalf of a client
> host. Have you ever registered a domain name? You were likely asked to
> specify the authoritative servers during the process.
> I second what Jan-Piet said. At this point the both of you are asking
> questions which fall within basic networking. In general the questions
> are OK, but they are not where this mailing list is at. If this subject
> interests you, you should strongly consider getting a job working in a
> team with others who can mentor you.
> The days of being able to "fake it till you make it" are long gone. In
> the 1990's there was more of a hacker culture on the internet but these
> days clients and employers expect competency. This does not mean we all
> have to know everything (none of us do) but having the fundamentals in
> place is a prerequisite.
> Michael

Noted with thanks.


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