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>> Hi Team,
>> I installed the powerDNS server and PowerDNS admin in container and it works 
>> fine. I also added the domain through the UI.
>> Now i want to know how to resolve the DNS that present in the backend of the 
>> powerDNS.
>> As has been noted previously on this list, your questions are generally 
>> about basic DNS knowledge and operation, and not related to the PowerDNS 
>> software. Please consider taking some time to learn how DNS itself works, so 
>> that you will have an understanding of how all of the pieces interact.
>> A simple and inexpensive option is this zine, which is an excellent 
>> introduction to DNS: https://wizardzines.com/zines/dns/
> I believe PowerDNS uses SQL database as backend while BIND DNS server
> doesn't use SQL database as a backend.
> So I think Raghavendra is asking a relevant question regarding PowerDNS.

The choice of backend technology is not relevant. PowerDNS Authoritative Server 
is an implementation of the DNS 'authoritative server' role, and as such can be 
queried (names resolved) using any DNS client software or recursive resolver... 
the same as any other implementations of the DNS 'authoritative server' role 
(including BIND, Knot, and many others).

This is why there have been so many responses indicating that these questions 
are about general DNS knowledge and not about PowerDNS.
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