i'm using gd to resize my images, and pel to re-attach the exif data after
gd has finished
but i've run into a problem with the memory limit

i'm using php 5.2.0 on fedora core 4
pel is updated via svn from trunk

php memory limit is set at 48MB

i have a php script that iterates through images in a directory, and
processes each one

without using pel, i am able to resize at least nine (2272x1704) photos to
three different sizes, so a total of 27 images

but when i add the pel code in, to get the original exif, and then
re-attach it to the new image(s), i can only do four images at a time,
before the memory runs out

the offending code is

                public function createImage($imageResource, $fullFilePath, 
$maxQuality) {
                        $origJpeg = new PelJpeg();

                        $exif = $origJpeg->getExif();
                        if (!is_null($exif)) {
// add the copyright message
                                $tiff = $exif->getTiff();
                                $ifd0 = $tiff->getIfd();

                                $username = Session::get('username');
                                if (empty($username)) {
                                        $username = 'username';

                                $copyright = new PelEntryCopyright($username, 
                        imagejpeg($imageResource, $fullFilePath, $maxQuality);

                        if (!is_null($exif)) {

                                $newJpeg = new PelJpeg();

                                $newJpeg = null;
                        $origJpeg = null;

if i comment out all the pel code, there are no issues
so obviously, the pel objects aren't releasing the memory they are using
or file_put_contents isn't or something

i am using imagedestroy, that is in another section of the code that is
not visible here

from my calculations, each original image takes up 11614464 bytes in
memory (so approx 11.5MB) -> 2272x1704x3 (for RGB images)
each of the newly created images uses subsequently less
1500x1500 (max), 640x480 (max), and 150x150 (max) are the other image sizes

can anyone help me out here, i really want to keep the exif data


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