>> Try printing out the result of get_resource_type() on your image;
>> mine said 'gd' so I hope all image resources will say that, but one
>> never knows -- I didn't find any documentation that promised that
>> 'gd' would be returned.
> i did try this, and it did indeed say gd, just the exif data wasn't
> being retrieved

Okay, it's good to know that the 'gd' answer is consistant. Thanks for
testing it.

>> You can also try and activate the debug mode by calling
>> Pel::setDebug(true); That should tell you more about what PEL is
>> doing.
> i'll try this tonight, and see if it tells me something about the
> exif data

I used the debug output extensively when initially developing PEL, but
I haven't used it as much since. So it could very well be that it
should be adjusted.

So you might want to insert calls to Pel::debug(...) in the code
yourself to get more information.

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