i have to convert about 40000 pictures using a php skript - part of that 
conversion is the addition/modification of the EXIF data of all that images. 
PEL seemed perfect for the job, especially as the JPEG MetadataToolkit is not 
able to create new EXIF data so easily. 

If an image has no EXIF data yet I want to add some - to some extend that works 
as expected, but if I try to add those winXP EXIF tags, PEL wont read them. 
They are written to the header - as I can view them with the JPEG 
MetadataToolkit, but windows wont show them. If I write them in with windows, 
PEL wont show them. 

if use:

$title = $ifd0->getEntry(PelTag::XP_TITLE);

            echo $title;

            if ($title == null) {

                        echo "Adding new XP_TITLE entry with value 

                        $title = new PelEntryWindowsString(PelTag::XP_TITLE, 


            } else {

                        echo "Updating XP_TITLE entry from 
'".$title->getValue()."' to 'XP_TITLE'<br>";



to check for an XP_TITLE, and create one if there isnt any. But there is never 
an XP_TITLE tag - even if windows shows it and I can read it in the EXIF data. 
PEL just wont get it.

if I do a

$tags = $ifd0->getEntries();

foreach($tags as $nr=>$tag) echo "$nr ".$tag->getValue()."<br>";

directly after the above code - the XP_TITLE tag is found. if I have PEL save 
the data, load it again, and then run the lines above again, the XP_TITLE tag 
isnt found anymore (but there). 

this only happens for tags I create with 

new PelEntryByte(PelTag::PEL_TAG, "string"); 


$desc = new PelEntryAscii(PelTag::IMAGE_DESCRIPTION, $description);

is saved and found after that just like it should.

anybody got an idea of how to fix this - or is it me being stupid?


            Jonas Beck




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