>>>> Your message was stuck in moderation -- I have now configured the
listto allow your address to post. I've CCed this reply to you too, let us

I'm new to mailing lists. I wonder, why I can't see your message in
pel-devel lists? And how can I post replies there?

> I'm very new to OOP and PEL is really scares me.
>>>> Well, PEL is rather OO heavy... consider it a fun way to learn OO :-)


I actually read little bit about OO in PHP book I have, I need to buy some
book for professional I think.

> I'm trying to read GPS data from photos, but I can't.
>>>> In PEL 0.9.1 you can simply do
>>>> $jpeg = new PelJpeg($file);
>>>> The GPS data is not stored in the IFD0. So the getEntry() call returns
>>>> null. You need to do:
>>>> $gps = $ifd0->getSubIfd(PelIfd::GPS);
>>>> and then your GPS_LONGITUDE entry should be in the $gps IFD.
>>>> If you think this is complicated, then I agree :-) PEL parses the
>>>> structure for you, but you still need to know where to find the right
>>>> bits of information. Using the dump-image.php file can help.

Thanks Martin.

> Another question is how can I easy add Exiff data, even if JPEG file
> doesn't have any Exif data in it? Is there any PHP sample that shows
> how can I do it?
>>>> Please have a look at this URL in which a user explained how he added
>>>> data (including GPS!) to an empty JPEG file:

That's exactly what I need. Thanks. Can you tell me what includes does it
needs? Is convertGps() a part of PEL?
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