I've used example called pel_add_gpsinfo.php. I found it when I followed by
one of links that you gave me.

There is piece of code from this example, including function:

    $GPS_LONGITUDE = convertGps($GPS_LONGITUDE); //converting from decimal
to conventional coordinate system
    $GPS_LATITUDE = convertGps($GPS_LATITUDE);

function convertGps($gpsnumber)
    if ($gpsnumber > 180 || $gpsnumber < -180){
            echo("Error: Degrees should be between -180 and 180.
            return null;
    else {
        $gpsnumber= abs($gpsnumber); //make sure number is positive (no
distinction here for N/S or W/E)
        $gps_array = explode (".", $gpsnumber); //cut out the first digits
        $deg = $gps_array[0];    //first digits are degrees
        $min = $gps_array[1]*60;    //    the remaining digits times 60 are
        $sec = substr($min, 2); //here we take all but the fist 2 digits
        $sec = $sec * 60; //those times 60 are the secondes
        $sec = substr($sec, 0, 3);        //seconds, max length=3
        $min = substr($min,0,2); //minutes max length = 2
        $returnarray = array($deg,$min,$sec);
        //echo "Result: $deg / $min / $sec"."<br>";
        return $returnarray;

I wonder where is the error in this function?
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