Using pear is easy. If you've used CPAN to install perl modules, then you'll
find pear to be kind of like CPAN for php.

You can just add to sf page that PEL can also be installed as a pear module
with these steps:

1) pear must be already installed and configured on user's server. The steps
for installing are listed at

Then from command like do this:
# pear channel-discover
# pear install sharedlog/PEL

This will install all the classes and then to use PEL you just add
 require_once 'PEL/PelJpeg.php';
 require_once 'PEL/PelTiff.php';

That's all. 

Also if you are a developer and write an application that requires PEL, and
you package your application as pear package, you can just list the PEL as a
dependency and provide a channel

Then the client when installing you application with pear installer will
automatically download and install PEL
That was actually the reason why I added PEL to my pear channel. 

With pear upgrading is also easy and in some rare cases when the new version
turns out to have bugs, it's also very easy to downgrade to previous

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Dmitri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Hi Dmitri

> I just added the PEL-0.9.1 to my new pear channel. This is the first
> and only package on the channel right now.
> the channel is at
> It does not have a web-based front-end now, only works from command
> line use pear channel-discover then
> # pear install sharedlog/PEL
> since it's a beta release you may need to do this first:
> # pear config-set preferred_state beta

I have never used PEAR, but it sounds cool. If you like, I could give
you access to the PEL homepage on SF and then you'll be more than
welcome to put the channel there (if that is possible?) and write a bit
about it.

Martin Geisler

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