> Excellent! Thanks for trying to move my little project forward!

I will try :) However, I hope you will hang around to answer questions.

>  > I would make it possible to install PEL using PEAR from a PEAR
>  > channel. However, I also think that the project might be a good fit
>  > with PEAR with a few rewrites. Would that be an idea or are you
>  > opposed to that?
> No, not at all -- I have simply never used PEAR so I am unfamiliar with
>  it. And since I don't do much PHP these days I don't think I'll become
>  familiar with it any time soon :-)

Perfect. I will try to see, what is needed to make this work easily.

>  > If you are not opposed I could go ahead and write up a proposal.
> You're in charge now, so you decide! :-)

That was quick. But thanks. I will try to make the best possible
decisions then :)

Lars Olesen
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