I have a VIM and perl based mail suite that I have been using,
  and continue to use, successfully on perl 5.8 (and older) and 32
  bit Windows machine http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1052

  I recently tried to use the suite on perl 5.12 64 bit on Windows
  7 64 bit but was unsuccessful.  The initial hurdle of missing 64
  bit builds of the modules:


  was overcome via builds provided by syphilis at his sisyphusion
  repo http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppmindex.html.

  Another missing module was Casey West's Net/POP3/SSL.pm -- I
  ended up copying the version on my 32 bit Windows XP machine to

  The next hurdle was the error message:

    Not a GLOB reference at C:/opt/perl64/site/l­ib/Net/POP3/SSL.pm line 16.

  Perlmonks http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=961516 suggested
  trying the work-around of changing line 16

  from:  next unless defined *{$Net::POP3::{$_}}{­CODE};
  to:    next unless defined *{"Net::POP3::{$_}"}{­CODE};

  With the above changes, there is not error during
  initialization, but I was unable to send a test email.

  I now suspect I am better of redoing the TMS mail suite by
  replacing the modules mentioned here while adapting the methods
  exemplified by NET::POP3_auth, Net::POP3::SSLWrapper, and
  NET::SMTP_auth.  While doing so, I will also look into
  restructuring the code and replacing the use of VIM's embedded
  perl by external perl.  So this will be a long term effort.

  Anyway, I thought I would bring up the issue on this mailing
  list in case someone could point out a quicker approach to
  getting TMS working with 64 bit 5.12.



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