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>  Another missing module was Casey West's Net/POP3/SSL.pm -- I
>  ended up copying the version on my 32 bit Windows XP machine to
>  "<perl64>/site/lib/Net/POP3/SSL.pm".
>  The next hurdle was the error message:
>    Not a GLOB reference at C:/opt/perl64/site/l虹b/Net/POP3/SSL.pm line 16.

Casey's Net::POP3::SSL module is not on CPAN and this might be for a reason.
In the OTRS project we use Net::POP3::SSLWrapper which works for us;
it is a simple pure-perl module that wraps around Net::POP3. You
should be able to use it as a drop-in replacement. Please try and let
us know:

ref: https://metacpan.org/module/Net::POP3::SSLWrapper

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