* Erik Logtenberg <e...@logtenberg.eu> [2014-08-20T06:03:14]
> Of this list of modules I use, Email-Send and MIME-Lite are on your list
> of modules that need a new (co)maintainer.

I urge you to consider using Email::Sender in place of Email::Send.  It is a
significant upgrade to testability and extensibility.

> Could you incidate if these modules currently have other maintainers,
> and if there are open bugs (i.e. there is already maintenance that needs
> to be done).

MIME-Lite had about 125 tickets when I took up comaint, and is now down to
"just" 51.  I am only a co-maintainer on it, but have done the only releases in
the last nine years.  It may be that the other maintainers would like to do
more work on it, but I would be somewhat surprised.

Email-Send has no open tickets.


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