I created new perl module Email::Address::XS for parsing and formatting
email groups or addresses. Parser is borrowed from dovecot and that part
implemented in C/XS.

Source code is currently at:

Email::Address::XS has backward compatible API with old Email::Address
module (which has security problem CVE-2015-7686) and my new module is
intended to replace old Email::Address.

This module supports not only single list of addresses, but also named
groups of addresses (according to RFC 2822).

I tried to make source code readable, documented and also fast (thanks
to dovecot parser written in C; not in perl regex).

It contains also lot of examples and test cases to check that parser and
formatter is correct.

See pod documentation and unit tests:

Thanks to named group support I would like to extend Email::MIME module
to allow passing directly Email::Address::XS objects, not only string
headers to make MIME encoding and decoding from applications easier.

What do you think about it?

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