* p...@cpan.org [2016-05-23T13:05:39]
> I created new perl module Email::Address::XS for parsing and formatting
> email groups or addresses. Parser is borrowed from dovecot and that part
> implemented in C/XS.


> Thanks to named group support I would like to extend Email::MIME module
> to allow passing directly Email::Address::XS objects, not only string
> headers to make MIME encoding and decoding from applications easier.
> What do you think about it?

I'm not sure what you're suggesting.  Do you mean:

  Email::MIME->create(..., header => [ To => $addr_xs, ...  ]);

...as opposed to:

  Email::MIME->create(..., header => [ To => $addr_xs->as_string, ...  ]);

?  Could you elaborate?


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