On Monday 22 August 2016 22:26:09 Ricardo Signes wrote:
> Here's a verbose form:
>   # Get an email.
>   my $email   = get_some_email_mime();
>   # Get the header -- the (unfolded) raw bytes.
>   my $cc_hdr  = $email->header_raw('Original-CC');
>   # parse it into an object
>   my $cc_obj  = parse_mailboxes( $cc_obj );
>   # put that object into the header:
>   $email->header_set('Original-CC', $cc_obj);
>   # get the raw mime-encoded bytes again:
>   my $cc_hdr2 = $email->header_raw('Original-CC');
>   # get a list of sub-object from the object's imaginary interface:
>   my @boxes   = $email->header_obj('Original-CC')->boxes;

That is really bad API :-( User of Email::MIME is really not interested
in getting RAW header and then manually converting it to some object
(provided by parse_mailboxes), then putting it back to Email::MIME
object... Email::MIME is there for doing whole MIME encoding/decoding
and basically user should not need to call any RAW method (only in case
when he needs to manually encode/decode MIME parts).

And I would expect from Email::MIME to do that encoding/decoding also
for From, To, CC... headers...

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