On Monday 05 September 2016 10:25:11 p...@cpan.org wrote:
> On Saturday 03 September 2016 18:24:56 Ricardo Signes wrote:
> > The Email::MIME changes look like they could be broken up into
> > several PRs, some of which would be obviously good to apply
> > immediately, like removals of dead code and pointers to bad
> > modules.
> If you think that some of those changes can be merged immediately,
> please specify commits and I create new pull request for them. Btw,
> I'm preparing another big patch series for Encode::MIME::Header
> module (call encode("MIEM-Header", ...)) which will fix remaining
> bugs. So if you know about some in that, let me know ASAP, so I can
> fix it in my patch series ;-)

New Encode was released with my fixes to MIME-Header...

> ..Which means that removing pointer to that module will not be
> needed..

Now I created pull request for Email::MIME:

It should contains only code cleanup and fixes, no Email::Address::XS... 
Look at it and if there are some problems, let me know!

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