On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 02:22:38PM +0100, Robert-André Mauchin wrote:
> What about packages that use perl(XSLoader) but not perl(Module::Build)? 
> Shouldn't they require gcc too?
If you mean build-requiring gcc because your package run-requires XSLoader
because it packages an XS code the is compiled when building the package. Then
yes, you should have to build-require gcc. Otherwise the package won't build.

For example if you package uses ExtUtils::MakerMaker, then if Makefile.PL
detects XS files in the sources, it will generate Makefile that executes gcc

Because there is no intermediate module that would mandate dependency on gcc
there is no other way then to adding BuildRequires: gcc into the spec file. We
cannot add gcc dependency to perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker because again majority of
Perl source packages do not need gcc.

If you mean run-requiring gcc, then no. There is no reason to run-require gcc
just only because the package loads an shared library with XSLoader.

-- Petr

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