On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:04 AM,  Charles P. Hobbs wrote:
>Whenever I try to get it to work, it gives me error messages (it can't find 
>the modules, etc.)  I'm not even sure I'm putting the modules in the right 

After running the installer from ActiveState to get the base Perl installation 
working, and PPM for the modules that require it, you can manually install pure 
Perl (non-C-reliant) modules in the appropriate hierarchy in:
[if C:\Perl is the name of your Perl installation; change the path before 
"\site\lib\" to point to the appropriate base folder on your machine--possibly 
Perl64 or some other name]
and then deal with any other requirements of the module (such as databases or 
other files created by the Makefile.PL, which may need to be edited to 
create/run just those parts, and which often need changes to the paths in the 
pl to get them working correctly).

I know that some modules fail to install from PPM (my own MARC::Errorchecks 
when one attempts to install after or at the same time as MARC::Lint because 
both include MARC::Lint::CodeData--I will likely remove it from Errorchecks in 
the next version and then require MARC::Lint to be installed).

I hope this helps,

Bryan Baldus

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