Hello great minds,

not a perl hacker, so please bare with my questions...

i am trying to make my work served via Dancer. I have many scripts, that i
run in the console:

perl somecommand filetobeprocessed.mrc

and then in the folder i ran the command, i get the result file.

My question is how i could improve this process,

a) how i could combine all scripts that take as input the same input file
into a Dancer application.

When the last script finishes with creating the last output file, then i
guess Dancer will redirect to another page, where one could download all
output (produced) files.

b) in order to know when all scripts are finished, i need to use promises?

I would love to hear your pro approach, and if possible, if you could point
me to a prototype dancer web app that works like this...

c) last, if you had any suggestions, on how i should arrange the folders in
this web app, for example where it would be best to keep the input mrc
files, where to keep the code, where to store the output files...

Looking forward to your collective wisdom answers,


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