Hi Marios,

Welcome to the forum. It helps if you can share some code samples of your
efforts so far.

Not a hacker myself, but a library specialist with some experience in
MARC-related coding. Long back I did a small project in CGI-app (I think it
pre-dates Dancer like framework) to convert Excel files into MARC21. It was
not meant to be in production, was rather a personal project for learning
web-app development. I've uploaded the code in github [1], in case you find
it useful.

[1] https://github.com/saiful-semantic/xl2mrc

Best regards,
Saiful Amin

On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 7:10 PM, Marios lyberak <marios.lybe...@gmail.com>

> Hello great minds,
> not a perl hacker, so please bare with my questions...
> i am trying to make my work served via Dancer. I have many scripts, that i
> run in the console:
> perl somecommand filetobeprocessed.mrc
> and then in the folder i ran the command, i get the result file.
> My question is how i could improve this process,
> a) how i could combine all scripts that take as input the same input file
> into a Dancer application.
> When the last script finishes with creating the last output file, then i
> guess Dancer will redirect to another page, where one could download all
> output (produced) files.
> b) in order to know when all scripts are finished, i need to use promises?
> I would love to hear your pro approach, and if possible, if you could
> point me to a prototype dancer web app that works like this...
> c) last, if you had any suggestions, on how i should arrange the folders
> in this web app, for example where it would be best to keep the input mrc
> files, where to keep the code, where to store the output files...
> Looking forward to your collective wisdom answers,
> Cheers

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