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                         September 29th - October 10th

News and highlights

  Grant reports

     * Dave Mitchell TPF Grant #2 September 2016 [1]report.


  New issues

     * [2]Perl #129757: for loop doesn't update correct variable.
     * [3]Perl #129770: Null ptr deref, segfault Perl_mess_sv.
     * [4]Perl #129777: Caller return unexpected info for subs called from
       condition under while.
     * [5]Perl #129794: Debugger stops on use statement.
     * [6]Perl #129802: Regexp performance problem with swiped strings (?).
     * [7]Perl #129803: Regexp syntax check when variables contained with
     * [8]Perl #129821: Bleadperl v5.25.5-65-g5012eeb breaks
     * [10]Perl #129825: Overloaded integer constants are prematurely
     * [11]Perl #129826: Invalid read of size 8 in S_parse_body when argv
       ends with --.

  Resolved issues

     * [12]Perl #116250: Skip count is wrong for timeout in
     * [13]Perl #117223: Remove IO::File example from perlfunc.
     * [14]Perl #125702: Garbage Collection Segv in 5.21.10+.

  Rejected issues

     * [15]Perl #129368: Error while trying to install perl 5.8.7 on RHEL 6.

  Suggested patches

   Dave Mitchell merged Reini Urban's patches in [16]Perl #125792 to fix
   sassign to be declared as BASEOP instead of BINOP and to be optimized.

   Andy Lester provided a patch in [17]Perl #129766 to cleanup numeric.c.

   Sergey Aleynikov provided both a patch and a test in [18]Perl #129788 to
   fix a possible memory leak in [19]IO::Poll.

   Sergey also provided a patch in [20]Perl #129789 to fix
[21]Time::HiRes in
   blead on Darwin.


   Jakko Hietaniemi is [22]working on fixing building perl in a [23]vax-bsd
   box. He hit a problem with [24]POSIX, which was eventually [25]resolved.

   Todd Rinaldo [26]asked about the struct definition of a hash key in hv.h,
   which raises interesting confusing points in C.

   Klemen Markovic [27]asked about Windows W APIs which were replaced in
   favor of Windows A APIs. An exhaustive [28]research by Steve Hay into the
   history of it showed that it never really worked properly with the
   changes in 5.8 and was therefore removed.

   Dave Mitchell [29]asked ((\@a) = \($x,$y) in non-void context) about a
   current behavior of the refaliasing feature, which Father Chrysostomos
   sees as a bug.

   Andy Lester [30]asked (Tabs and spaces in patches) whether he should
   provide a patch with spaces or tabs and what is desired now. Karl
   Williamson notes that we are moving the code to spaces and no tabs.

   Sam Kington [31]suggested extending the fat comma syntax to handle
   situations of undefined or empty list variables on the right-hand-side.


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