October 11th-17th

News and highlights

   Perl 5.24.1 RC4 is [1]out!

   Perl 5.22.2 RC4 is [2]out!


  New issues

     * [3]Perl #129851: Bleadperl v5.25.5-43-g607ee43 breaks
     * [4]Perl #129866: hv.c: Assertion failure.
     * [5]Perl #129868: Assertion failure: void S_mro_gather_and_rename.
     * [6]Perl #129869: Perl_sv_setsv_flags: Assertion failure.
     * [7]Perl #129880: regcomp.c: Assertion failure.
     * [8]Perl #129888: null ptr deref, segfault in Perl_do_aexec5.
     * [9]Perl #129891: t/op/utf8decode.t failing since 2b5e7bc2e60b.
     * [10]Perl #129892: sub calls show as gv(IV \).
     * [11]Perl #129893: gv.c: Assertion failure.
     * [12]Perl #129897: Unexpected behavior with a regular expression.
     * [13]Perl #129898: op.c: Assertion failure.
     * [14]Perl #129903: regexec.c stack overflow.

  Resolved issues

     * [15]Perl #128996: heap-use-after-free Perl_utf8n_to_uvchr
     * [16]Perl #129789: [17]Time::HiRes broken in blead on darwin.
     * [18]Perl #129891: t/op/utf8decode.t failing since 2b5e7bc2e60b.

  Suggested patches

   Thomas Sibley provided some patchs for [19]Module::CoreList, one of which
   is [20]Perl #129858 , which exposes information about utilities that come
   with core, and the versiono in which they were introduced.

   Andrew Fresh provided a patch in [21]Perl #129895 to fix a test in


   Proving it is never too late to help, Dmitry Karasik [22]provided an
   answer to a question Jakko Hietaniemi asked a year ago, on results of
   testing the perl source with the [23]viva64 source code analysis tool.

   Following the conversation about the definition of a hash key, Todd
   Rinaldo [24]raises a few interesting questions and provides a suggested
   patch for simplifying the structure.

   Dave Nicol [25]provided an invested response to Dave Mitchell's question
   on the topic of (\@a) = \($x,$y) in non-void context.

   Dave Mitchell on the same topic [26]provided another observation
   list assignment in list context.

   Christian Walde [27]asked about the current maintainership status of
   [28]Cwd and [29]File::Spec.

   Jarkko Hietaniemi [30]provided an update about the status of perl on
   NetBSD/VAX. It's now passing about 98% of the tests.


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