I am wondering if perl 6 is keeping up pace with unicode versions. I've done the following after I have seen that the method/sub uniprop() did not give proper results all the time using data from the PropList.txt taken from Unicode version 9.0.0.

E.g. 0xFFD0.uniprop('Noncharacter_Code_Point') returns 0 instead of 1.

To check out all data from the PropList.txt I've made a program which revealed more of those.

Searching further I found the ucd2c.pl program in the Moarvm tools directory. This generates the unicode_db.c somewhere else in the rakudo tree. I run this program myself on the Unicode 9.0.0 database and comparing the generated files shows many differences between the one in the rakudo tree and the generated one.

The date found in the file unicode_db.c file is 2012-07-20 which is about Unicode version 6.1.0


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