Searching further I found the program in the Moarvm tools
directory. This generates the unicode_db.c somewhere else in the rakudo
tree. I run this program myself on the Unicode 9.0.0 database and
comparing the generated files shows many differences between the one in
the rakudo tree and the generated one.
Please make a rakudo spectest with those changes, and if it passes,
submit your patch as a pull request.

The date found in the file  unicode_db.c file is 2012-07-20 which is
about Unicode version 6.1.0
How do I proceed from here? Do I pull in the newest rakudo version, make another git branch, then change it and then push the branch after the tests have run successfully ? This way I am not able to cripple the rakudo code. Other people can check the changes too before merging.
docs/ChangeLog in MoarVM says

+ Updated to Unicode 8
in the section of the 2015.07 release, so it's not that bad :-)

I have seen it now, indeed not that old, but it means also the Unicode changes a lot between versions.


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