The attachment is a request from some game developers addressed to the Vim
community, requesting the use of Vim's logo in a game. (As a token of some
sort, based on the request.)

If they haven't already requested it from the Perl or Raku communities, on
the  face of it, offering them our logos would be a good idea. (Subject to
due diligence and careful consideration of the game and its developers.)
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Dear Vim community,

We hope this message finds you well. We are Clara Jiménez Recio and Celia 
Velasco Martínez and we are excitedly embarking on a personal project to 
create a tabletop game with a focus on the dev community.

The mechanics of our game, tentatively titled "try {} catch (it)", involve 
working with more than 50 logos of different programming tools. Multiple 
logos will appear on each card, and the gameplay is centered around 
identifying the matching logo in each pair of cards.

We are wondering whether it would be okay to include Vim's logo within the 
game. Of course, any required disclaimer would be included.

Many thanks,
Clara and Celia

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