On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 08:10:00AM +0200, Robin Redeker wrote:
> And what will be the default syntax to call
> a method on self? If everyone has completly other
> preferences about this, for example this horrible ./method()
> syntax, which completly wont fit into the language, 

What a way to win friends!  Some of us find ./method() to fit just
fine into the language and into use.

Does the "default" syntax really matter that much?   For your own

        use self "";

is a small one-time cost to pay to get the syntax/semantics you want.
Well, one-time cost per source file, but I can easily see that someone
would build the scaffolding to let that be a one-time cost per site.
(e.g. having a site-wide policy for perl6 has been mentioned before)

The only place I can see a problem is when reading other people's code,
but then I expect that the hue and cry would be such that *someone*
would write a tool to make it easy to transmogrify other perl6 dialects
into the one they particularly like to use. And given how well perl6
will grok perl6, such a tool shouldn't be too difficult to write.

> whose favorite will be the default? None at all? An explicit call,
> like $?SELF.method () ?

Were I $Larry, that's what I'd do if people kept bringing it up and
carping about the syntax that works--decide there's no default and you
*always* have to be explicit in one way or another.

Boy am I glad I'm not $Larry  ;-)

> Will we end in something like 
> use
> my_completly_custom_syntax_and_grammar_which_has_nothing_to_do_with_perl6_anymore;

If that's your desire, perl ain't stopping you  :-)

Jonathan Scott Duff

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