Dan Sugalski writes:
: At 10:35 AM 8/19/00 +1000, Damian Conway wrote:
: >However, for Perl 6 I'd really like to see run-time access to the
: >Real Tokenizer (tm):
: >
: >         use tokenizer;
: >
: >         my $tree = tokenizer( $sourcecode );
: >
: >This would be dead handy for building source-code filtering modules,
: >rather than relying on the pseudo-parsing tricks we're currently
: >forced to use.
: Well, sure. You couldn't write an optimizer, bytecode compiler, or bytecode 
: execution engine in perl if you couldn't do that... :)

I was wondering this morning whether we ought to write the Perl 6
parser as a set of recursive regexes.  Might make it easier to plug in
new productions on the fly.  And designing the parser around regexes
might indicate ways in which Perl's regexes are not yet powerful


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