Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:
> I'd rather it be "cc" or "_" (I didn't like the underscore at first,
> but it's grown on me a little)

Comparing ~ and _ to available editors markup marks, _ is closer
to the sideways () that an editor might use to indicate that two words
should be joined together.  Tilde looks like it might mean "switch the
order of the token ahead and the token behind me"

Will there be confusion with the _ that means "the file statted by
the last -X test?"  I doubt it: file tests need to bind tighter than
the concat op and the problem is over.  I can't create a situation
where it would be confusing anyway -- what would the LHS of the _
be in a test situation? There wouldn't be one.

For that matter, indirect object syntax is always

        bareword $object|bareword argument[, ...]

which would collide with relatively few concat accretions, even without
any semantic information.  If it starts with a bareword, it's not
a concat.

A stronger argument against white-space-juxtapositions IMO would be
the possible confusion generated by arguments getting accretted when
a comma gets left out, instead of a syntax exception getting thrown:

                        "the other");

the second argument is now the intended second and third args and
there is no third arg, instead of a syntax error.


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