Luke Palmer wrote:

Rod Adams writes:

In S29, I currently have C<grep> as:

multi sub grep (Any|Junction $test : [EMAIL PROTECTED]) returns List {
gather {
for @values -> $x {
take $x if $x ~~ $test;

That's the listop form. I was referring to the method form:

multi sub grep (@array: *&code) returns List {

Got it. I'll be adding that form to various functions shortly.

Could I please get a list of what forms I need to be defining in S29?

Right now I have:
- General non-OO form.
- adverbial code block form (where applicable).

I haven't gotten a solid answer on when and how Perl will autogenerate methods from subs.

For instance, would


generate a call to the list op C<grep> above, or do I need to be defining another form of C<grep> that's more agreeable to autogeneration? If so, what makes a sub more agreeable to auto method generation?

-- Rod Adams

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