On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 05:52:15PM +0100, Michele Dondi wrote:
: On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Larry Wall wrote:
: >really short alias for $self.  Suppose we pick "o" for that, short
: >for "object".  Then we get self calls of the form:
: >
: >   o.frobme(...)
: How 'bout ..frobme(...)? Or would it be a hell to tell from C<..>?
: (Mnemonic reminder: '.'=myself, '..'=my mom - poor analogy, actually!)
: How 'bout a single underscore? _.frobme()?!?

Thought about those in the night, but they don't strike me as visually
distinct enough.  They just look like someone stepped on the front
of your expression.


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