Juerd wrote:
+"0x$_"  # hex
+"0o$_"  # oct
+"0b$_"  # bin (does not exist in Perl 5)

This does require that strings numify the same way literals do, but I
think that's a sane approach anyhow. Now that leading 0 no longer means
the number is octal, I can't think of a good reason to keep the contrast
between literal strings numified during compile time and variable
strings during runtime.

I would think that blending the strong pattern matching of Perl6 with its strong typing makes for a nice subtype system on strings. So we could have Str[hex], Str[oct] and Str[bin] that can be build from Num and Int by means of 'as Str[::base]' where ::base chooses the correspondig pattern to constrain incoming strings and the format for numbers. Or these are subclasses of Str.

An example:

my Str[hex] $hex = "abc";
say $hex as Int; # prints 2748

$hex = 17;
say $hex; # prints 0x10

Regards -- TSa (Thomas Sandla▀)

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