S03 does not seem to detail a complete list of all Perl 6 operators.
For example, it explicitly mentions += but does not mention -=

Googling around, I found the Perl 6 Periodic Table of Operators
(which I assume does not form part of the official Perl 6 docs)
and this November 1 2002 p6l post:


which is the closest I found to what I'm looking for.

Is there a definitive, official, complete list of all Perl 6 operators,
along with their precedence levels?

For example, this Perl 6 program:

my $i = 0;
$i ~^= 2;

Pugs currently rejects with:

pugs: cannot cast into a handle: VInt 2

Since ~^ is string xor, I guessed that ~^= would be allowed.


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