Larry Wall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>: On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 23:46 -0800, Darren Duncan wrote:
>: In P6, an object is a data-type. It's not a reference, and any member
>: payload is attached directly to the variable.

> Well, it's still a reference, but we try to smudge the distinction in P6.

A reference as a Perl5 reference or just as a C pointer or a Parrot PMC?

  newclass cl, "Foo"  # create new "Foo" class - 0 attributes
  $P0 = new "Foo"     # make a new "Foo" instance
  $P1 = $P0           # both PMCs refer to the same object now
  $P1."meth"()        # same as $P0."meth"()

  $P2 = clone $P0     # 2 distinct objects now

  $P3 = new Undef
  assign $P3, $P0     # same


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