On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 06:38:43PM +0200, Thomas Sandla▀ wrote:
: Ups, a missing : warps this to a completly different meaning!
: Comparing a coderef &infix with the comparison operator <=>
: to the word list 'Scalar of Ref of Ref of Int,Int'.
: I tried to ask what &infix:<=><Scalar of Ref of Ref of Int,Int>
: does. This is the assignment infix operator = for 'Scalar of Ref
: of Ref of Int' on the lhs and Int on the rhs.
: BTW, does the parser have a change to detect this typo?

Yes.  It should complain that = is not a valid type signature.
Any &foo (or &foo:<...>) followed by <...> should be parsed as a single
term selecting the function that MMD would dispatch to given that
type signature.


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