Juerd wrote:
For some reason, I keep typing :=: instead of =:=. Do other people
experience similar typo-habits with new operators?

One of my other Perl 6 typo-habits is <<^H^Hargh!^H^H^H^H^H, but that's
because I like how  and  look, but can't yet easily type them.


! :-

an excerpt from my xkb config...

    key <AB01> {
        symbols[Group1]= [               z,               Z ],
        symbols[Group2]= [   guillemotleft,            less ]
    key <AB02> {
        symbols[Group1]= [               x,               X ],
        symbols[Group2]= [  guillemotright,         greater ]


(keyboards that fail, leading to making it easier for me to enter and than )--


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