According to Michael G Schwern:
> Yes, there are lots of ways to check the cwd each filling in one edge
> case or another.  However I'd like to believe its possible to come up with
> one simple, safe cwd() that works for 99.9% of the cases and call that cwd().

Well, it's certainly possible ... and it's not up to me, anyway; but I
still think it's a Bad Idea to standardize like that.  I've already
said why (there's no good reason to pick one over another), though it
doesn't surprise me opinions differ.  :-,

> A high level language really should smooth all that over.

An HLL or LLL, it doesn't really matter.  This isn't a language
feature, this is an _operating_system_ feature.  Pretending that the
system is providing an attribute that it really isn't just confuses
people in the long run.

> * The cwd is deleted
> * A parent directory is renamed
> * A parent directory is a symlink

s/parent/parent or current/g.  Also:

 * A parent or current directory is relocated entirely,
   not just renamed within the same parent
 * A parent or current directory has become unreadable
 * Any of the above happens _during_ the execution of cwd(),
   rather than beforehand

> [2]  The state of's docs add to my anxiety.

Sucker punch.  :-)
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