Paul Seamons wrote:
> Yes, I know there "can be" a "way back."  In this thread, none of the
> examples give one using existing Perl 6 syntax.  They are all proposing new
> ways. This is one more.

Sorry if this sounded brash.  I have a habit of not figuring out that there is 
more of the message to read.

Juerd wrote:
> $^ as an alias for the invocant works for me, because "" sorts before
> anything else, and the invocant's just the 0th argument.

Didn't see that in your response - I responded to the first topic section but 
failed to see there was another.

Juerd wrote:
> I don't understand the concept of multiple invocants. How does that
> work?

If my ability to parse the Synopses was very good, I'd tell you where I saw 
mention of it - or maybe it was in the mailing list.  Either way that is the 
point of the colon in the:

method foo ($self: $arg1, $arg2) {}

So that in theory there would be 

method foo ($self, $otherself: $arg1, $arg2) {}

In the end, I'd just like the rules for what .meth does and what $_ is to be 
concise and clear - whatever the sytax is that is adopted.


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