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Nathan Wiger skribis 2005-04-25 13:35 (-0700):

My point is simply that we pick one or the other, instead of

But TIMTOWTDI. One way may be great for writing maintainable code, while the other is useful in oneliners (including single line method definitions).

Then I suggest "use English" for Perl 6 too. I think you'll find that, like Perl 5, people always use the short forms.

Has ANYONE on this list ever done something like this?

   use English;
   if ($OSNAME =~ /MSWin32/) {
       local $WARNING = 0;
       print "Windoze\n" or die "Can't print: $OS_ERROR";

Not exactly a fair comparison, since it's common to not "use English" due to the $& issue.

I suspect that if that was not the case, it would be used more.

-- Rod Adams

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