I wrote:
permute( @x_chars ) »{ $^a eq $^b ?? $^a :: ''}« permute( @y_chars )

Permutation is the wrong thing here, sorry. It's just:

( @x_chars »xx« @y_chars.elems )  # or was that .size?
  »{ $^a eq $^b ?? $^a :: ''}«
( @y_chars  xx  @x_chars.elems )  # note: no hypering

e.g. <a b c> and <x y> give <a a b b c c> »{...}« <x y x y x y>
and finally a list of six empty strings.

And look Mami, all without junctions!
Lots of french ... ehm, freedom quotes involved, though :)
TSa (Thomas Sandlaß)

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