On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 12:32:58AM +0200, Juerd wrote:
: Larry Wall skribis 2005-05-02 14:23 (-0700):
: >      multi sub open (
: >      multi sub openuri (
: >      multi sub openpipe (
: >      multi sub openshell (
: Starting to look a lot like PHP there.

And I care about that because PHP is such an unsuccessful language?  :-)

I'd just like all the opens to sort to the same place in the manual.

: How about
:     &open ::= &File::open
:     &URI::open
:     &Sys::Pipe::open
: And put the other aliases in the module that CGI.pm-:standard-ishly
: pollutes the main namespace?

I'm not too worried about polluting the main namespace, now that
it's equivalent to Perl 5's third class keywords.  I think that Perl 6
should end up with *more* names in the global namespace than Perl 5 had,
as long as we don't end up with as many inconsistent names as PHP.

: > I don't think the command should default to $_
: Eh...
: Why?!

Because $_ is primarily for the use of inner loops, not outer loops,
and open tends to be in the outer loop rather than the inner loop.
And because if there is no inner loop we're doing some kind of slurp
or io() pipe that bypasses open to begin with.  And partly because of
the mess in Perl 5 from 1-arg open, though that's probably irrational.


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