Juerd writes:
> > : > I don't think the command should default to $_
> > : Why?!
> > Because $_ is primarily for the use of inner loops, not outer loops,
> > and open tends to be in the outer loop rather than the inner loop.
> As someone who tries to write clean code, I agree that the outer loop
> should use a full name for the loop variable.
> But as someone who writes oneliners every day, I disagree that any such
> decision of how I should code should be made by the language designers.
> $_ exists at many levels, and I frankly don't see a big problem with
>     for @files { 
>         open;
>         say uc for =$_;
>         close;
>     }

Wait, so you want open to both open the filename in $_ /and/ set $_ to
the opened filehandle?  Also, I don't buy your argument, since you can

    for @files {
        say uc for =io($_);

Which the oneliner side of you should find awful nice.


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