Larry Wall wrote:
On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 05:42:47PM -0700, Larry Wall wrote:
: We're still discussing it on @Larry, but I think we can make that work.

Sorry if I don't know, but where or what is @Larry? I guess some IRC?

Well, now I think &.foo() won't work, since &.foo should be reserved
for a sub ref attribute to be consistent.  But I think all we have
to do is find some other character to use for self calls instead of '&'.
There are a number of candidates, and I can convince myself that there
are good arguments for most of them, so now I just have to pick the one
with the weakest arguments against it.  :-)

I'm not carping about the syntax but about the in my eyes unfortunate binding of the topic variable to one of the invocants. My chart should give the idea of the split between these two "worlds". The invocants are OOish or typeish while the parameters are procedural. Has that binding been re-painted as well?

BTW, what does $.foo outside of class scope mean? $.foo == $
How are parameters passed? $.foo( $arg, "blahh" )?
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