Will Perl 6 help us have tools that are as good or better than the ones available for Java, C#, etc?

I've been using Perl since 1994 and for the past several years have used it to build a number of complex mod_perl applications. I love Perl.

The following may be considered heresy, but I believe that these days the quality of the whole development environment is just as important, maybe *more* important than the language itself. I mean that the availability of *easily integrated* tools including IDE, automated testing tools, refactoring, deployment tools, etc. are a HUGE factor in determining what language gets used for a large project

I've become scared that if Perl is to continue to be viable for large, complex, multi-developer projects that the tools need to serious catch-up with what is available for Java, for example. Things like:

  - Refactoring Support (see http://www.refactoring.com/)
  - CVS and/or Subversion integration
  - Support for integrating regression tests and auto-building
  - Automated syntax and dependency checking

I've been using Eclipse, with the EPIC plugin (http://e-p-i-c.sourceforge.net/) and so far I like it. It uses Devel::Refactor to support "extract subroutine", but a lot more is needed to match what you can do with Java these days.

What are others' thoughts on this?

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