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  PRM> After thinking on this a bit, I'm hoping we don't do this -- at least not
  PRM> initially.  I'm not sure there's a lot of advantage of  C< $1.1 > over 
  PRM> C< $1[0] >, and one starts to wonder about things like $1.$j.2 and
  PRM> $1[$j].2 and the like.  

i would say that you can use .1 only when all the indexes are literals
like $1.2.1. anything else must be a proper index expression on $1 like

mixing those would scare me more than anything and it isn't much of a
hardship to use the full expression form when you need it. also in perl,
indexing isn't used nearly as often as for loops, so if you did grab
something that was in a array in some match value, you would more likely
loop over it than index into it. so again, the hardship of the index
syntax isn't a big deal as it should be rarely needed.

just my $1.02. :)


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