Rod Adams wrote:
It looks like I'm going to have to punt on finishing S29.

On behalf of pugs committers, we will gladly adopt this task, which is in the pugs repository already at docs/S29draft.pod, as well as having a set of foundation classes that correspond to all these object methods in docs/src/ (of course, most of the actual code is in src/Pugs/Prim.hs etc)

I'm finding myself in a perpetual state of either no time to work on it, or when there is time, having insufficient brain power left to properly assimilate everything that needs to be considered to do any of the functions justice. Looking ahead, I do not see this state changing for the better in the foreseeable future.

Drop the feeling of guilt for not having written enough and it will already be better. Thanks for what you have done, it is an outstanding achievement!

It's my hope that someone none(@Larry) can and will pick this effort up. I will give whatever assistance I can to anyone choosing to do so. Drop me a line.

If you could make sure your last revision corresponds to what is in the pugs repository, that will be more than enough...


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