"Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Like the decision about which side of the road cars should drive on,
it really doesn't matter *which* choice is taken, as long as
*something* is decided.
The only thing is, there already is a decided way to do it so far as I can see...

 I've seen other languages use "this", "self",
and even "me", and few people complain about a particular language's
choice.  (My suggestion would be "o" or "O", as suggested in another
thread, but I'm certainly not attached to those keywords.)

Other languages use "this" and "self", so what is wrong with $?SELF which is only a sigil longer than those used by other languages? Perl has always had sigils, but there's little complaining about having to write them in other contexts. Admittedly it's uppercase too - maybe lowercasing it would make it easy enough to type? But inconsistent with other $?WHATEVER style variables perhaps...


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