(Note that "./" and "../" are prefix operators, and unlike ".?", ".*",
".+" and ".=", cannot be used infix. In fact, it requires that "?", "*",
"+" and "=" be thought of as meta-operators to ".", and from now on, to
"./" and "../" as well, so you get "./+method". This isn't as complex as
it looks right now.)

Your opinions please! (I ask those who already responded off-list, to
repeat their opinion here)

Since new syntax is being suggested for these things, here is my suggestion, very late in the discussion, but here it is anyway.

$_ is the topic; the "only" problem is that we have two topics here: an immediate and a "main" topic. What if a method call binds the invocant to *both* $_ and the "bigger topic" $__?

method foo($x){
        # invocant accessible by both $__ and $_
        for (1..3) {
        # invocant accessible by $__ only
        .bar(); # called on $_
        $__.bat(); # called on the invocant

I like this because things still look a little like a topic. This is not better than $o/$O, except that $__ looks more like $_ (but maybe it looks too much like $_, and that alone could invalidate this proposal).



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